I have heard endless debates as to which Science Fiction Universe is better, Star Trek, or Star Wars, and as this debate  would rage on someone would inevitably butt in with “What about Lord of the Rings?”, and I would always just roll my eyes at all of them, and walk away, knowing that there is no real debate there. It is a well established, scientifically verified fact that the intense works of Frank Herbert, and now his son Brain Herbert, along with his co-writer Kevin J. Anderson, are far and away the best instance of world building ever to have appeared in literature. Period. So yes I hate to break it to you Star Wars Boys, but Muad D’Ib could kick Darth Vaders Ass. I’m sorry Star Trek fans, but I seriously doubt a Klingon warrior could hold his own against a Benne Gesseret Reverend Mother. Tolkien fans think wraiths are cool? You like Goblins do you? Well I’m sorry to tell you that you they aren’t squat next to a Sandworm. Virtually any specialized race from Dune could kick the living Sh*t out of anyone from any other Fiction world. Do yourselves a favor, leave behind those sandbox universes, and explore DUNE.



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I now live in Hayward, CA. I am a Laboratory Manager in San Francisco, In my spare time I enjoy Chess, Birdwatching, walking and biking, I am working on my undergrad degree in Applied Math-Operations Research
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One Response to Dune

  1. mia says:

    No doubt Arrakian Freemen rule


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