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Go Club Meeting

It was a great meetings, a lot of strong players, we all got in good games. I still didnt get a game with Lien-Chu, but maybe next time. Advertisements

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This is a test of my new GnomeBlogger Software

This is a test of my new software that lets me publish to my blog via my desktop. If you can read this…it works! if not, then lamentation and dismay. I can also add pictures, lets see how well that … Continue reading

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Humming, Telepathy and Filesharing

Well the news it out that The owners and operators of, one of the major hubs for torrent search, were found guilty of assisting in copyright piracy. This is a perfect example of how powerful lobbies can exert pressure … Continue reading

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Pictures Missing from Older Posts

I recently had to make some server changes to my site, and some of the links to older pictures were broken in the re-import, rather than track down several years worth of pictures, I’m just going to apologize now and … Continue reading

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Sandworms of Arrakis

Here are some various renderings of the Sandworms of Arrakis I have found on the internet.

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