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I hope everyone has a happy new year, and remember to be safe. I do plan to go out tonight, tired of just falling asleep on new years eve, all work and no play… Advertisements

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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and that everyone takes this rare opportunity to embrace what Christmas is really about. I know it’s been tough lately for everyone, but I think that will only make us stronger as families … Continue reading

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I just watched “7 pounds”

Well, I just saw the Will Smith movie “7 pounds”, this movie was very emotionally intense, very dramatic, and yet…at the end of the day, it was F***ing CREEPY! A pathological organ donor?!?! Really?!?! Is that what passes for noble … Continue reading

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Screwed by the Nevada DMV

It seems that the Nevada DMV has decided to give itself yet another unscrupulous raise. During the last year the NVDMV has adopted (intentionally?) the policy of sending renewal tags to old addresses, I know this practice is not just … Continue reading

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Reading by candle light

The power is off right now, on a cold rainy night in las vegas, I am reading “Germinal” by Emile Zola, and it’s actually nice, although I can still contact the good old www by my phone, and just to … Continue reading

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Testing email posting from cellphone

This is a test of email posting from my cell phone, like subject line says

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The new music manager and player from Google

I just compiled and installed the music player “GOGGLES” by the people who work on open source projects at GOOGLE. I got tired of the over managed Linux distributions like red hat and Ubuntu, although they are excellent products and … Continue reading

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