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Rumored LEGO 2015 Sets Roundup | neoape

Awesome, I am definitely looking forward to the new mini-fig sets and the Star Wars. I wish LEGO Architecture would hurry up and do LEGO Rome. Rumored LEGO 2015 Sets Roundup | neoape. Advertisements

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Setting up wireless usb Belkin n300 on FreeBSD 10.0

Well, this was an interesting experience, and eventually someone on irc channel #freebsd pointed out to me that the wired connection was taking dominance over my wireless connection, so I commented out the eth0 (fxp0) entry in my /etc/rc.conf, it, … Continue reading

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Some Tips I learned Today

when doing Vegan Baking, and you want to do a vegan substitute for eggs, you use 1 Ripe Banana (LARGE) for each egg in the recipe. I tried this before using small bananas and it came out of the oven … Continue reading

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I wish they would make a Phantasm TV-series

Well, in previous post I mentioned an Evil Dead TV series, it seems this is a semi-hoax, or at least Bruce Campbell is denying any knowledge of it. As exciting as this seems, I would hope much more for a … Continue reading

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