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How do I use my email address? | Facebook Help Center

Did you guys know about this? As long as you enable it in settings, and have a regular email account (like gmail, yahoo, etc) then anyone who sends an email to than that email will show up in your … Continue reading

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I just downloaded and installed GhostBSD, and I love it. I hate to say it, but I actually like it better than PCBSD. Sorry PCBSD, you guys have better device support, but GhostBSD has good style and lean functionality. If … Continue reading

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GURPS Zombies

working on some zombie adventures for GURPS. I recently got my GURPS ZOMBIES book, and that has taken my focus for adventures in the immediate future.

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Got my original blog back, and backed it up this time.

I was livid, that I had almost lost years of posts. I have now decided to make this my main personal website, and dumped the older one.

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