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Installing OpenVPN + PIA on Debian Jessie

So I started using the vpn service Private Internet Access, and I am very pleased with them, but their downloadable software is mainly for Ubuntu, and often does not work well with other distros. So I found instructions on PIA’s … Continue reading

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Running Debian-Live with Multiple Persistence Partitions

So I am now running a USB Drive with Debian-Live 8.2.0 on it, and it is pretty darn cool. I am running it with Persistence, which allows me to save files and information between reboots, so my preferences and changes … Continue reading

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Configuring Wireless on Lenovo S10 Ideapad under Opensuse 13.1

So, some of you still have Lenovo S10 Ideapads, and with the new release of Opensuse 13.1, some of you found out wireless doesn’t work straight out of box, well, never fear, the solution couldn’t be simpler. It turns out … Continue reading

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How to use Bittorrent Wisely.

Over the years I have heard many horror stories about people getting notices from their IP service provider about being nailed for downloading “Tracked” torrents etc. One of the first steps in making sure this does not happen is shop … Continue reading

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